Welcome to our Home Page. Here you’ll find quality, island inspired, luxury beachwear. All our beachwear collections are proudly made locally in Africa and swimwear made in Mauritius, designed in South Africa. Each of our collections are inspired by beautiful islands and exotic destinations across the world.

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View our latest Dominica AW’17 Collection in stylish leopard printed neoprene.

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Explore our Island Blog for travel tips, latest beachwear trends, new launches and behind the scenes.


Nicole Martine beachwear supports the Coral Reef Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, that partners with local reef communities around the world to protect coral reefs.

We love this initiative as it supports a cause that not only ensures the beauty of this planet, but also the harmony of our oceans. Upon every purchase, Nicole Martine beachwear donates a percentage of profits to the Coral Reef Alliance to aid WorldWide reef management, community education around reef protection and to ensure sustainable tourism.

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for a close friend or looking to spoil your family or a loved one? Nicole Martine Beachwear now offers customization on our neoprene makeup bags, making gifting much more fun and meaningful by adding your personal touch!

 Our makeup bags are made of the most fantastic fabric called, Neoprene. It’s durable, flexible, insulated and water and UV resistant! They are also the perfect size to fit into your handbag, beach tote or gym bag. This personalised bag will make it even