It’s that time of year again when our NM team leaves our winter boots and jackets behind to chase the sun to exotic Mauritius! All we could dream about in the short international plane ride was of warm balmy air, powdery white sand beaches and swimming in the turquoise calm ocean. This trip however was not all about beach dreaming and island exploring, we had exciting meetings planned to finalize the Nicole Martine SS’16/17 swimwear range. Regardless of the purpose of our visit, we absolutely love to travel to this beautiful island for work and play!

Tropical Views at our Hotel


It’s amazing what you can fit into a week… This trip, we travelled in total around 700kms, which was stressful at times due to driving on island roads with ambiguous or non-existent signs; however it is always amazing to see the beauty of the island and have the opportunity to stop alongside the road at any time for a quick island snap! If you want a little more adventure, I would highly recommend you hire a car (with a GPS!) and take a few days to explore.

Exploring the Island

Chase the sun Mauritius - Collage 1

As I mentioned, the main purpose of this Mauritian trip was business and where better to brainstorm and be inspired! We have been putting together our new SS’16/17 swimwear and beachwear collection. We only offer the highest quality swimsuits and take care for the best fit possible, we hope all the hard work shows off for South African summer!

Swimwear Planning and Fabric Shopping

Chase the sun Mauritius - Collage 3

One of my absolute highlights, was of course beach hopping and basking in island life to the fullest! We took advantage of one or two full beach days were we indulged in fresh coconuts, basked in the warm sunshine, swam in the crystal clear turquoise water and no Wi-Fi! Absolute heaven on earth and to think this is Mauritian winter!!

Indulging in Island Life

Chase the sun Mauritius - Collage 2


Finally I want to leave you with some interesting and forgotten facts about beautiful Mauritius Island.



  1. Mauritius Island was formed by underwater volcanic eruptions in the Indian Ocean, millions of years ago and is 2,040 km² in size
  2. The legendary dodo bird, is an extinct species of a flightless bird and is the national animal of Mauritius which was only found in Mauritius before it came extinct.
  3. Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the 17th most densely populated country in the world.
  4. Port Louis is the Capital city and houses more than 40% of the island’s population
  5. The top money earner for the economy of Mauritius is sugarcane, which is planted on 90% of the country’s arable land.
  6. Being rich in scenic beauty, fringed by white sand beaches and turquoise clear coloured waters, Mauritius is a top tourist destination and the next revenue earner for the island.
  7. Mark Twain has been quoted as saying, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”
  8. The name of Mauritius is a derivation from the name of Maurice de Nassau, a prince of the Orange principality, a former feudal state of Provence.
  9. The island is a mix of Hindus, Muslims, and Creoles. Languages spoken are French, Bhojpuri, Creole and English.
  10. Among all developing countries, Mauritius has the highest life expectancy at 73 years.



Au Revoir Mauritius, until next year!

Nicole Martine



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