Do you ever wonder who made your plain white T-shirt, the comfy jeans or luxury handbag you are wearing? Even though we all buy fashion apparel from major credible luxury brands, its not often we get to see where the products come from! We thought we would share a little glimpse behind the scenes of the manufacturing world, so you can see how we craft Nicole Martine Beachwear products locally in Africa.

Below shows a glimpse into one of our most loved local Cape Town manufacturers where we created our AW’16 Jet Set Handbag Collection. You can also browse a few of the limited edition items here https://nicolemartine.com/product-category/totes/ and  here https://nicolemartine.com/product-category/clutches/


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Being a small local luxury beachwear brand, we can be selective with who we choose as our manufacturing partners as we always value quality over quantity! On a daily basis we work with a group of amazing suppliers that we have built trustworthy relationships with, who assist us in bringing our designs and glamorous ideas to life!

“Beachwear product options are endless; it can be a massive retail category or a small boutique range! I am always amazed at the constant innovation in the beachwear category, I love following and researching brands who help evolve and reinvent such simple beach pleasures. At NM Beachwear we hope to do the same, creating that island holiday feeling by using and wearing our products” says Nicole.

Almost all our products are handmade locally, which ensures that every item is carefully handled and created with love from start to finish. 🙂  It has been so rewarding supporting local manufacturers and getting to know the lovely people who work on our products.

I love adding on the finishing touches to a product line, and being a slight control freak I am almost always the one wrapping and labeling stock!” 




For the Autumn/Winter season we decided to combine luxurious leather with our unique NM printed fabric and PVC to create a water repellent tote and clutch collection.  It was important to us to achieve a blend of style and function. “The Jet Set collection totes and clutches to adds a touch of glamour to your everyday outfit, or take them to the beach or hotel pool where the water resistant fabric will protect your bag against the elements”


A few more photos below of the expert cutter Stanton, preparing and cutting out our patterns and the wonderful Cynthia that sews up our handbags  🙂


We will be sure to show you more behind our collections and how they are crafted!


Thank you to Mandarin Photography for the stunning images once again.


With love,

NM Team xx